my name is yael.

i own every bell that tolls me.

tick tock

dirt is hard to draw

shannon and the clams, rip van winkle

# 271

summer shorts/burn scar
this is about as tan as i get

yo la tengo, tom courtenay (acoustic)

# 263

"gonna take its toll, gonna take its toll, gonna take my time."

yo la tengo, the crying of lot g

this song
3:13 through the end
could be its own song, would still be one of the most perfect songs

# 93

let me tell you about the hunks i’ve been drawin’.

(no, really, let me tell you: my friend and i are gonna make a fanzine for a young adult romance series featuring a hot ranchero ghost who wears shirts with plunging necklines and has an eyebrow scar)

yo la tengo, pablo and andrea

show me where you keep all your secrets upstairs
night after night you sleep while they’re setting off flares


‘“the music can really drag it out of you-if it says something”

# 79

splurge-bought nobrow 6: the double this past weekend and it is making me weep jealousy/awesomeness tears, constantly.