my name is yael.

i own every bell that tolls me.

st. vincent, every tear disappears

oh, a smile is more than showing teeth

# 74

for march

the lilys, timber
speck mountain, midnight sun,
wake the bear, love is not in love,
luna, speedbumps
the rain parade, blue
the jesus & mary chain, happy when it rains
slumber party, trouble of my own
pavement, major leagues (demo version)
pixies, head on
sonic youth, jams run free

listen to it here.

joy division, atmosphere

need to bring back my creepy early morning walks to this song

# 40

babe babe babe frighteningly talented babe

go listen to the stream of st. vincent’s new album here, it is really good.

fabulous cacti forever

cactus creep

pavement, major leagues (demo version)

# 40

lovely gutters

lilys, timber

# 122

"nod if you’re interested."