my name is yael.

i own every bell that tolls me.

pre-summer goth vibes

the guilt twist, the slow blown fist

the national, i should live in salt
neko case, blacklisted
belle & sebastian, slow graffiti
st. vincent, laughing with a mouth of blood
the velvet underground, the black angel’s death song
arcade fire, cold wind
cat power, you may know him
mount eerie, with my hands out
the mountain goats & kaki king, black pear tree
radiohead, knives out
wilco, theologians

listen to it here.

last night, st. vincent
what a freakin furiously talented babe

the only ones, another girl, another planet

sometimes i wonder if other songs matter at all

# 69

knock loud, i’m home
(the most beautiful love songs)

in love with love, family love, friendship love, L-U-V luv, unrequited love, puppy love, lost love, unwise love, drunk love, “is this song about a ghost?” love, all of the above love

pavement, spit on a stranger
the only ones, the whole of the law
the tallest man on earth, leading me now
big star, thirteen
bonnie ‘prince’ billy, three questions
the replacements, skyway
st. vincent, i prefer your love
elliott smith, angel in the snow
belle & sebastian, simple things
yo la tengo, by the time it gets dark
the wave pictures, january and december
neko case, knock loud
mean jeans, case race
the national, slow show

listen to it here.

shh, shh

"i want the shades drawn, and the overgrown lawn"
songs for rainy afternoons, migraine auras, cricket chirp, night walks

mount eerie, who?
yo la tengo, green arrow
laura gibson, glory
jon brion, row
the wrens, the house that guilt built
elliott smith, baby britain (instrumental)
cat power, (i can’t get no) satisfaction
okkervil river, maine island lovers
low, point of disgust
the velvet underground, candy says

listen to it here.

fresh cut

bitter: songs for taking the low road

the smiths, you’ve got everything now
she keeps bees, my last nerve
why?, the hollows
sex pistols, problems
sebadoh, ocean
hüsker dü, never talking to you again
the little ones, high on a hill
mean jeans, total creep
belle & sebastian, a century of fakers
radiohead, just
spoon, the underdog
cat power, metal heart
guided by voices, game of pricks

listen to it here.

smash shit, then call your mom

(you weenie)

the crimson ghosts, skulls
mean jeans, school lunch victim
the replacements, beer for breakfast
the goodnight loving, dead fish on the banks
hüsker dü, celebrated summer
yo la tengo, sugarcube
bad sports, can’t just be friends
sex pistols, emi
the nerves, when you find out
wussy, maglite

listen to it here.

the crimson ghosts, skulls

things i didn’t realize i wanted: surf-rock instrumental covers of the misfits that sound wistful and surprisingly sweet.

# 89